Meet David Smith
I was born and raised in Eugene and graduated from Sheldon High School's 2nd graduating class in 1965. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science in 1972 after serving 2 years in the US Army and spending one of those years in Vietnam. Upon my graduation from the U of O I moved from Eugene to San Francisco but returned to Eugene in 1998. The love of my life and I continue to live in the neighborhood where I grew up.

I spent 45 years in my profession as a Real Estate Appraiser in California and Oregon. This has given me a real perspective on how people really live from the very wealthy to the very poor. I was "Chief Appraiser of Northern California" for the TRW Corporation for about 5 years which gave me management experience, experience setting and achieving goals, and dealing with clients and personnel.

I was fortunate to have my dad, uncles and grand dad teach me how to hunt, fish and respect and enjoy the great outdoors as a kid growing up in Oregon. The majesty of Oregon's mountains, wild life, coastal areas and farm areas, rivers and lakes are precious to me and must be kept as pristine as possible while allowing public access to the lands we the people own.

I have always had an interest in sports and I have been involved in a variety of sports throughout my life including golf, baseball, basketball, mud lot football, track, scuba diving, water and snow skiing, and many years studying and practicing martial arts. I am a big fan of music and I am a big fan of Karaoke.

I believe in solving problems by seeking common ground from both sides of the aisle but with emphasis on common sense and what actually works. I think all voices and ideas need to be heard. We live in a Democratic Republic which requires everyone to be aware and to be involved in their government if we are to have a system that we can be proud of. I think that when one party has a Super Majority for too long a period the people begin to be ruled rather than served. I wish to serve the people of Oregon.

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